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Buy your 2016 Dog Tag License Online Now

November 30th, 2012 Posted by Dog Tags 0 comments on “Buy your 2016 Dog Tag License Online Now”

Auditor John Federer announced today that beginning December 1, dog owners will have the option to purchase their 2016 dog tags on-line.

The tags may be purchased by going to the Auditor’s website at    The fee for the basic tag is $20.00 plus an on-line convenience fee and associated postage.  Dog tags of various other shapes are also available through the website.  Kennel owners may also renew their kennel licenses on-line ($100.00 plus convenience fee and postage).  Owners will receive their tags via return mail within approximately 14 days.  Additionally, owners utilizing this option may sign-up for annual email notifications to renew the license.

“We pride ourselves on the ability to offer this cost-saving and convenient option to our County’s pet owners,” Federer said.  “It will save time, gas and may eliminate the inconvenience of standing in a long line while waiting to purchase a dog tag.  We are excited to introduce this technology to Clark County.”

Dog tags will be available for sale from December 1 – January 31 without a penalty.  Unless it is for a newly acquired dog, tags purchased February 1or after will be subject to a late fee.  All dogs over three months old and that have been owned for more than 30 days are required to be licensed by the State of Ohio.

Owners may also purchase their tags in person at the Clark County Auditor’s Office, 31 N. Limestone Street, Springfield, or at other remote locations.  Please see the Auditor’s website for a listing of locations.  For information, please contact the Auditor’s Office at (937) 521-1864.

2011 Dog Tags

January 21st, 2011 Posted by Dog Tags 0 comments on “2011 Dog Tags”

The county auditor’s office began mailing applications to dog owners on November 30th. The deadline for registration and licensing is January 31, 2011. After that, the cost of a tag doubles to $40. New dog owners must license their pet within 30 days of becoming the owner.


December 1st, 2009 Posted by Dog Tags 0 comments on “DOG TAGS GO ON SALE DECEMBER 1ST”

The cost of licensing dogs in Clark County increases from $16 to $20 with the issuance of tags for 2010, according to Clark County Auditor George Sodders. The increase was approved by county commissioners earlier this year.