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Under Ohio Law, it is the responsibility of owners of house trailers (manufactured homes) to register their homes with the County Auditor for tax purposes. Annually the Auditor’s office assesses each manufactured home and prepares a tax duplicate. Tax bills are sent to each owner semi-annually. The House Trailer tax is distributed back to the local taxing districts (County, Cities, Townships, Villages, Schools, etc…) in the same manner as real estate taxes. In the County there are two thousand eight hundred twenty (2820) trailers on the tax duplicate.

Applications & Information

If you are planning on moving your Manufactured/Mobile Home on any public road, state law requires you to purchase a Relocation Notice from the County Auditor’s Office. The Relocation Notice cost is $5.00. Failure to purchase a Notice is a $100.00 fine to the owner of the home and $100.00 fine to the person who moved the home.

When purchasing a Relocation Notice you will need to know the address and county where the home is being located. All Manufactured Home Tax must be paid.

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