Board of Revision

February 13th, 2012 Posted by Auditor's Office, Featured 0 comments on “Board of Revision”

Clark County Auditor has announced that property owners wishing to challenge their property’s value have until Monday April 2nd to file an appeal with the Auditor’s office.  Petitioning property owners will receive at least a twenty day notice of their scheduled hearing.  The Board of Revision adjusts values not tax dollars.  The Board of Revision has three members; the County Auditor, the County Treasurer and the President of the County Commissioners or their designees.  To contest your valuation you must file a complaint form at the County Auditor’s office, with the Board of Revision, between January 1 and April 2 of the current year. Complaint forms and information packets can be obtained in the Auditor’s Office at 31 N Limestone at the AB Graham Building or by calling (937) 521-1878.