Are you receiving the appropriate Real Property tax reductions?

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Auditor John S. Federer encourages homeowners who turn 65 at any point in 2013 or are permanently disabled to submit applications for the Homestead Exemption Program.  Enrollment is open until Monday, June 3, and applications are available in the Auditor’s office, by calling 521-1862, or online at

Homeowners who wish to apply for the 2 ½% Owner-Occupancy tax reduction must also file an application with the Auditor’s Office by Monday, June 3. “I want to ensure that the taxpayers are well-informed regarding all options available to help reduce their tax burden,” Auditor Federer said.  Applications for the Owner-Occupancy credit are available in the Auditor’s office, by calling 521-1862, or online at .

Auditor’s Office introduces hassle-free Option for Dog Owners

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Auditor John Federer announced today that beginning December 1, dog owners will have the option to purchase their 2013 dog tags on-line.

The tags may be purchased by going to the Auditor’s website at    The fee for the basic tag is $20.00 plus an on-line convenience fee and associated postage.  Dog tags of various other shapes are also available through the website.  Kennel owners may also renew their kennel licenses on-line ($100.00 plus convenience fee and postage).  Owners will receive their tags via return mail within approximately 14 days.  Additionally, owners utilizing this option may sign-up for annual email notifications to renew the license.

“We pride ourselves on the ability to offer this cost-saving and convenient option to our County’s pet owners,” Federer said.  “It will save time, gas and may eliminate the inconvenience of standing in a long line while waiting to purchase a dog tag.  We are excited to introduce this technology to Clark County.”

Dog tags will be available for sale from December 1 – January 31 without a penalty.  Unless it is for a newly acquired dog, tags purchased February 1 or after will be subject to a late fee.  All dogs over three months old and that have been owned for more than 30 days are required to be licensed by the State of Ohio.

Owners may also purchase their tags in person at the Clark County Auditor’s Office, 31 N. Limestone Street, Springfield, or at other remote locations.  Please see the Auditor’s website for a listing of locations.  For information, please contact the Auditor’s Office at (937) 521-1864.

Auditor Announces Open Book Period

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To ensure the accuracy of their current records in preparation for Clark County’s 2013 state-mandated property re-evaluation, the Auditor’s office has spent the past 18 months carefully gathering and analyzing data collected both from field visits and from information provided by the taxpayers on their residential and commercial properties.  “It is imperative that we go into our 2013 reval with correct and accurate information,” said Auditor John S. Federer. 

“We have said from day one that our primary goal is to ensure that property values are fair and accurate.  Through this data collection phase, we have noted some significant changes to our current data that will affect property valuations, partly due to new construction, demolitions of existing structures and other discrepancies found during our discovery process.  Of the approximately 66,000 total parcels, we have found approximately 2,500 parcels that required adjustment in valuation (both increases and decreases).” 

 Notification letters are scheduled to be mailed out from the Auditor’s Office on September 14 to all property owners whose valuations are being adjusted.  The “open book” period where property owners may review and discuss their property information will be held from Monday, September 17 – Friday, October 5, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 weekdays in the Auditor’s Office located in the A B Graham Building, 31 North Limestone Street, Springfield. 

Those property owners having questions or wishing to schedule an appointment may call the Auditor’s Office at (937) 521-1878.

Next Phase of Reappraisal Project

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Auditor John S. Federer wishes to thank the citizens and taxpayers of Clark County for their overwhelming response to the residential data collection effort with respect to the 2013 Property Reappraisal.  “All residential property data collection has been completed and the information obtained is now being reviewed to ensure that the Auditor’s office has complete and accurate records,” Federer said.   “I want to thank the community for their participation and diligence in assisting us with this important process.  It is vital that the information be as accurate as possible.”

The second phase of the project involves gathering information concerning commercial properties.  A letter is being prepared requesting economic information on lease-type properties.  This information will be analyzed and used to develop market income data for the application of the income approach to value..  It is important to note that the letter will appear on County Auditor letterhead; however, all information will be sent to Tyler Technologies, Inc., a highly skilled and professional mass appraisal firm, under contract to assist the County Auditor in the state-mandated reappraisal.  “Please be assured that all information will be held in the strictest confidence.  We want to make the commercial property owners aware that these requests are being sent out, and we invite your participation in this process,” said Federer.

“To the best of our knowledge, this commercial mailing process is new to Clark County,” explained Federer.  “Our intention is to work hard to communicate to the constituents where we are in this process and why it is important.  I am looking forward to a quality outcome of our 2013 Reappraisal, and it is an honor for me to work for the citizens and taxpayers of Clark County.”  As always if there are any questions, please call the Auditor’s Office at (937) 521-1878.

Board of Revision

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Clark County Auditor has announced that property owners wishing to challenge their property’s value have until Monday April 2nd to file an appeal with the Auditor’s office.  Petitioning property owners will receive at least a twenty day notice of their scheduled hearing.  The Board of Revision adjusts values not tax dollars.  The Board of Revision has three members; the County Auditor, the County Treasurer and the President of the County Commissioners or their designees.  To contest your valuation you must file a complaint form at the County Auditor’s office, with the Board of Revision, between January 1 and April 2 of the current year. Complaint forms and information packets can be obtained in the Auditor’s Office at 31 N Limestone at the AB Graham Building or by calling (937) 521-1878.


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Data collectors will begin gathering information on properties in Clark County beginning mid July. This is the first phase of the Clark County Property Reappraisal. A visual appraisal of each parcel of property is mandated by the state once every six years to “ensure fair and accurate values.”

During this phase, locally hired data collectors will go door to door, collecting information about each property such as age, type of basement, number of rooms, baths, type of heat, and anything that is unique to the building. At a later phase, professional appraisers analyze the data collected and establish the estimated fair market value using all the information gathered.

“The data that supports this valuation is most important to insure a quality outcome. I am pleased that we are able to hire local citizens to assist the office in this important process to the taxpayers of Clark County,” Auditor John Federer said.

All data collectors and other field personnel are trained professionals and can be identified by ID badges, which must be visible. All project personnel have also submitted personal and vehicle information that is listed with local law enforcement and the Auditor’s office.

Assessment notices will be mailed near the end of the reappraisal. Taxes based on the new assessment will not be due until 2014. Ohio law offers property owners the opportunity to appeal their property valuations. Information about the appeals process will be included with the new value for each property.

Auditor Federer encourages residents to visit the offices’ website to assist in the process of ensuring accurate data of their property. Go to and click on the
“Dwelling Card Info” to complete the questionnaire.

Clark County hired Tyler Technologies’ CLT Appraisal Services to conduct the reappraisal project. Tyler’s CLT Appraisal Services is a highly respected, reliable company that has been a pioneer in the mass appraisal profession since 1938.

Is your home properly valued?

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Auditor John Federer is personally working to deliver on the promise of “fair and accurate” real estate values for each real property owner in Clark County.  “In my few weeks as your Auditor, it is apparent that the data that supports your property needs to be reviewed for its’ accuracy when compared to our records,” Federer said.

The purpose of this community-wide public request is to ask each property owner to complete an updated “Dwelling Information Card”.

Click here to learn more about the process and get started

Welcome Auditor Federer to Office

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Clark County turns a page this week by welcoming Auditor John S. Federer to office.  The new Auditor has many plans for the office.  He plans to transform the office into a constituent focused organization, create fair and accurate real estate values, and work within the community for improved relations and team oriented results.

Mr. Federer brings to the office over 34 years in proven executive and business management experience.  He plans to work with the dedicated team of county employees and be present to support them in their positions.

Mr. Federer has devoted extensive time, energy and expertise to various community organizations, serving on various boards to help and improve the quality of life for all Clark County Residents. He will continue these activities during his service in office in order to change the image of the Auditor’s office throughout the county. He will create pathways for communication and effective partnerships that do not exist today.

2011 Homestead Applications

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Homeowners who turn 65 at any point in 2011 are now eligible for the Homestead Exemption Program and are encouraged to sign up with the Clark County Auditor.  Enrollment is now open until Monday, June 6th and applications are available in the Auditor’s office or by calling 521- 1862.

The Homestead exemption program brings property tax relief to homeowners age 65 and older and the permanently disabled.   There are no income requirements, but newly eligible recipients (those turning 65 any time in 2011) must sign up with the Auditor’s office.  Homeowners already enrolled in Homestead do not need to reapply.

Qualified applicants who missed last year’s deadline may also sign up before June 6th and still get a reduction on last year’s taxes, as well as this year’s.  Current Homestead Exemption recipients do not need to reapply or do anything unless they have moved or had some change in their status.

Potential new applicants are encouraged to call 521-1862.