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Who is required to obtain a Vendor’s License?

There are four different vendor licenses: retail, service, delivery and transient. A retail vendor license is required for selling merchandise at a fixed location of business. A service vendor license is for a business providing services such as data processing, employment placement, etc. A delivery vendor license is for someone selling and delivering goods without a fixed location. A transient vendor license is for sale of goods at various shows and markets throughout the State of Ohio. These licenses are used for the collection of state sales tax. 

Where do I get a Vendor’s License?

The Auditor’s Office issues only the retail vendor license. The retail vendor license for a business located within Clark County, Ohio can be obtained at the Clark County Auditor’s Office at 31 N. Limestone Street, 1st Floor, Springfield, Ohio 45502 or you can apply on line at . The Auditor’s Office can be reached regarding retail vendor license at (937) 521-1864.   

All other vendor’s licenses (Service, Delivery and Transient) are issued by the State of Ohio Department of Taxation. Service, Delivery and Transient Vendor’s Licenses are now available only online or by calling 1-888-405-4039. To get a form or file online: or or Walk-in assistance is available at the following locations:

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Sales & Use Tax Division
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