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We are pleased to announce that the Clark County Auditor’s  office is now partnering with Clark County Soil and Water Conservation (CCSWC) to better assist our farming community. Our liaison with CCSWC is Chris Simpson. Chris is working with our office to evaluate and assess current and new parcels of land that are enrolled in the Current Agricultural Use Program (CAUV). You may reach Chris by calling (937) 328-4600, regarding questions about your individual parcels.

The Current Agricultural Use Value program was implemented within the State of Ohio to save open spaces and to permit the valuing of farmland on its ability to produce income rather than on market value.

The CAUV law can provide significant tax-savings benefits to those involved in agricultural production if CAUV qualifications are met.   Additional information may be obtained from our office either in person, or by calling 521-1890 between 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.