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I am a Wittenberg University graduate-with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.  I have been employed at the Clark County Auditor’s Office for over 17 years and have held various positions within the Office during my tenure.  The knowledge that I have been able to obtain while at the Auditor’s Office is an asset to all constituents of Clark County.  I have a solid understanding of the various departments within the Office and the responsibilities within each.  I have the leadership capabilities to not only continue leading the office, but to make the change needed to ensure we are good stewards for taxpayers.

I pride myself with the rapport that I’ve built with taxpayers and organizations throughout my service.  Whether it has been answering a value question, helping a taxpayer with homestead, or issuing a dog license-communicating and helping the taxpayer has always been the most satisfying part of my career.

Most notably, I have been the Appraisal Director for over 9 years.  As the Appraisal Director, I have made it one of my goals to continue to be accessible to any and all customers.  I have led the office through two triennial updates and one mass reappraisal to date.  These large tasks led to fair and accurate valuations countywide, which has resulted in fewer property value disputes than ever before. This was achieved through effective communication.

My integrity and trust can be seen and heard from those I work with, tax payers and the various organizations who I have built rapport with.

On a personal note, I have been married to my husband Joe for almost 11 years. We have three beautiful children; Connor, Madeline, and Benjamin.  We live in Pleasant Township, our children attend Northeastern Elementary School and are involved in various activities throughout the District and County.  We love the community of friends and people that we have had the opportunity to know and look forward to adding more to our circle.

In John Federer’s absence, he trusted me and had the confidence to designate me as Chief Deputy.  John knew that with my skillset and leadership experience, I was the best candidate to run the Office.  My vow is to lead and support a well-run, efficient Office that will communicate and support the various entities and tax payers of Clark County.

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