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The Clark County Auditor’s office earned a 2017 “Best Practices” award recently at the Annual Ohio OGRIP (Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program) Conference in Columbus, Ohio.  The award was presented for the Clark County/ City of Springfield GIS Consortium (CCSGISC) that features the Auditor’s GIS (Geographic Information System) Department’s expertise to help in decision making and improvement to Clark County and the City of Springfield.    This data also results in reduced response time of data requests,   better access to information and better data for decision making and planning for various other governmental entities.

“The City is excited about the partnership that has been created with the County Auditor and their GIS team”, says Bryan Heck, Springfield Deputy City Manager.  “We continue to look for ways to be more efficient and effective in the way services are delivered to our community.”

The mission of the CCSGISC is to assist, promote and develop a shared geographic information system resource for local decision makers and the general public.

The Auditor’s GIS staff, led by Deputy Auditor Shayne Gray, enables managers and citizens to make decisions impacting the future of the County in an informed and logical manner.

Some of the benefits of this work enable users to operate as an internal service program, providing clients with data as well as standard and customized maps and reports.

CCSGISC acts as a liaison between County and data partners that are external to the County in order to promote the County’s interests in their data.

Also, this consortium provides Clark County and Springfield City administrators, other County/City departments and planners with graphic and data analysis tools for decision making and presentations. The GIS model includes planimetric, parcel/cadastral, county/city utilities, parks and recreation, health district, emergency management, first responders, waste management data to mention a few of the county data sets provided.

“I am extremely proud of this valuable arrangement between our Auditor’s office and different governmental entities to offer great benefits to the Clark County taxpayer. This is what good government should strive to accomplish,” Auditor John S. Federer said.


October 11, 2017