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Auditor John S. Federer wishes to inform the citizens and taxpayers of Clark County that the first phase of the 2019 Real Property Reappraisal project is underway.   The County has contracted with Tyler Technologies, Inc. of Dayton, Ohio to provide detailed, high resolution street level images.  In this first phase, Tyler Technologies’ field staff will photograph properties from customized white vans that will be clearly marked with signs indicating that they are conducting an imaging project for the County.  This imaging project will begin the week of April 10th.


“The goals of the County are to build upon the current records developed from the 2013 reappraisal and continue to ensure that we have fair and accurate real estate values in place for Clark County taxpayers,” explains Auditor Federer.  He further explains, “This phase allows our office to capture any changes that have occurred to properties since the previous reappraisal so that we continue to refine the data on file.”  To that end, if there have been any changes to property that you own, the Auditor’s office should be made aware of that so that the property is reflected accurately.


The second phase will include a review of individual parcels for valuation.  This phase will commence after the street level imaging is complete.  The entire process will be finished by November, 2019.


“I want to thank the community for their participation and diligence in assisting us with this important process.  As your Auditor, I consider it a privilege to continue to work on behalf of the Clark County taxpayers to maintain fair and accurate property values throughout the County”, says Federer.  As always, if there are any questions, please contact the Auditor’s office at 937-521-1878.



March 24, 2017


It may be necessary, to access your property per ORC 5713.01, for an authorized agent of the Clark County Auditor’s Office in performing his/her just duties.