Clark County Auditor John S. Federer Joins Auditor Of State’s Regional Advisory Board

Posted April 8th, 2013 in Auditor's Office by John Federer

Clark County Auditor John S. Federer has been invited to join Dave Yost, Auditor of State, on his Regional Advisory Board.  As a member of the Board, Auditor Federer will have an opportunity to help define and implement better practices both for the State Auditor’s Office and for local governments.  Additionally, he will assist in the implementation of new initiatives, careful review of existing ones, and brainstorming ways to increase productivity throughout the state.

Regional Advisory Boards are made up of community leaders throughout Ohio who provide valuable insight to the Auditor of State on all topics relating to the operation of the office and the conduct of state policy. Liaisons in eight regions schedule periodic meetings where board members and Auditor Yost discuss and evaluate current and future topics of interest. Some of these ideas are captured at which Auditor Yost established in 2011 to help in the continuation of creating a smarter, streamlined government for Ohio.