July 11th, 2011 Posted by Auditor's Office 0 comments on “CLARK COUNTY CONDUCTING STATE MANDATED REAPPRAISAL”

Data collectors will begin gathering information on properties in Clark County beginning mid July. This is the first phase of the Clark County Property Reappraisal. A visual appraisal of each parcel of property is mandated by the state once every six years to “ensure fair and accurate values.”

During this phase, locally hired data collectors will go door to door, collecting information about each property such as age, type of basement, number of rooms, baths, type of heat, and anything that is unique to the building. At a later phase, professional appraisers analyze the data collected and establish the estimated fair market value using all the information gathered.

“The data that supports this valuation is most important to insure a quality outcome. I am pleased that we are able to hire local citizens to assist the office in this important process to the taxpayers of Clark County,” Auditor John Federer said.

All data collectors and other field personnel are trained professionals and can be identified by ID badges, which must be visible. All project personnel have also submitted personal and vehicle information that is listed with local law enforcement and the Auditor’s office.

Assessment notices will be mailed near the end of the reappraisal. Taxes based on the new assessment will not be due until 2014. Ohio law offers property owners the opportunity to appeal their property valuations. Information about the appeals process will be included with the new value for each property.

Auditor Federer encourages residents to visit the offices’ website to assist in the process of ensuring accurate data of their property. Go to and click on the
“Dwelling Card Info” to complete the questionnaire.

Clark County hired Tyler Technologies’ CLT Appraisal Services to conduct the reappraisal project. Tyler’s CLT Appraisal Services is a highly respected, reliable company that has been a pioneer in the mass appraisal profession since 1938.