Auditor Announces Results of Open Book Review

October 29th, 2010 Posted by Auditor's Office 0 comments on “Auditor Announces Results of Open Book Review”

Following the 2010 triennial update of property values, Clark County Auditor George Sodders conducted a month-long open book period. Valuation booklets were mailed, requesting property owners to contact the auditor’s office with any questions or concerns regarding their tentative values.

 According to Sodders, 1,225 contacts were received, including 1,037 via telephone, 71 office visits, 83 emails and 34 via direct mail. “Most of the contacts (70%) were for general information, including inquires about homestead exemptions and agricultural use valuation. About 30% of the contacts were questions regarding valuation changes that might be too high or too low,” Sodders said.

 “All contacts have been reviewed and nearly 99% have been resolved for inclusion in the 2010 final abstract of values to be submitted to the state for approval,” Sodders said.

 “It is the on-going desire and work of my office to seek accurate and uniform property assessments according to market value. The current value update, required by law, was conducted with great attention to the local Clark County real estate market and changes that have occurred since the last revaluation. We discovered and implemented adjustments ranging on average from -16.5% to -5.5%,” Sodders explained.

 “I want to thank all those who contacted us during our open-book review. Once final values are approved, they will be posted on my web site,,” Sodders said.