Officials Partner to deploy Wide Area Rapid Notification (WARN)

May 28th, 2010 Posted by Auditor's Office 0 comments on “Officials Partner to deploy Wide Area Rapid Notification (WARN)”

Clark County Auditor George Sodders is making his Geographical Information System (GIS) available to promote enhanced public safety to the residents of Clark County.  Auditor Sodders is partnering with Sheriff Gene Kelly and Director Lisa D’Allesandris of EMA to accomplish this effort. 

I’m excited to be part of Clark County’s Wide Area Rapid Notification (WARN) System. Our GIS is critical to the operation of this early warning system,” Sodders said.  The WARN system utilizes the property locations that are currently managed by this department.

“In addition, our GIS department will be maintaining the data that will be entered by the end-user in the development of the early-warning notification database,” according to Sodders.

“In order for us to update your information in our database, I ask all citizens to visit my web page at and enter your primary phone number(s).”

 “Early warning capability is increasingly becoming a necessary part of local communities. We want to ensure the safety of all our citizens.”