Homeowners Will Benefit From Updates to Auditor’s Web Page

April 9th, 2010 Posted by Auditor's Office 0 comments on “Homeowners Will Benefit From Updates to Auditor’s Web Page”

Homeowners and other property owners who want to know how much a new tax levy will cost them can now find out on the county auditor’s web page at www.clarkcountyauditor.org, according to George Sodders, Clark County Auditor.

“Our new proposed levy calculator was developed in response to property owners who wanted to know how much a new tax levy would cost them if it is approved by voters. Taxpayers are normally told how much a levy will cost based on a $100,000 home value. With this new calculator, property owners can now calculate the cost based on the value of their individual property. The calculator was developed to assist all property owners who have proposed tax levies on the ballot,” Sodders said.

“We have also developed a tax estimator that can be used to calculate estimated taxes based on the taxing district in which a property is located. This estimator will assist both developers and others who might be locating to our county,” Sodders said.

The updated web page also now includes city and county combined geographical information map layers, including city and county enterprise zones, fire and EMS locations, sewer and water lines, and street and traffic lights, according to Sodders.

“I encourage all taxpayers to visit our web page at www.clarkcountyauditor.org to learn more about the many services that are provided,” Sodders said.