Open Letter To Senior Citizens

February 1st, 2010 Posted by Homestead 0 comments on “Open Letter To Senior Citizens”

 As your county auditor for the past 19 years, I have seen firsthand the hardships faced by senior citizens, living in fear of losing their home because of ever-rising property taxes. That’s why reforming Ohio’s Homestead Exemption Program was so important to hundreds of thousands of our senior citizens.

In Clark County, we now have over 11,000 senior homeowners enrolled in the homestead program, saving on average $399 per year in taxes. If you will reach age 65 any time during 2010 or are disabled, you have until June 7th to sign up for this important tax-saving program. For an application, go to or call 521-1862.

If you are already in the program, you will automatically receive a renewal application by U.S. mail. If there is no change in your eligibility, you are not required to return this form. If there has been a change, simply make the change and send it back in to our office. But remember, you must apply by June 7th to receive this tax deduction.

Download Homestead Application Here.