Auditor’s Office launches New Website

July 21st, 2009 Posted by Auditor's Office 0 comments on “Auditor’s Office launches New Website”

For the past several years, our office has implemented the latest technology designed to improve operational efficiency, while better serving all our citizens. To reach the twin goals of office transparency and citizen engagement, our website has been designed to be more useable, comprehensive and searchable.Taxpayers will now have a central location for one-stop inquiry of the numerous functions of the auditor’s office. With menu driven orientation, the site is more user friendly and easy to navigate. We have added a news column for the latest updated information and a contact list for quicker public response. Another new feature is the interaction of our website with Google mapping and directions.

To better serve citizens in the future, our plans include the implementation of online payment for dog licenses, vendor licenses, cigarette licenses and real property tax payments. We are excited about maximizing the utilization of modern technology for the convenience of all taxpayers. Our investment to improve operations was made with taxpayer dollars, and we intend to make that investment work for all our citizens.

The new website address is