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2019 Real Property Reappraisal project is underway

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The Auditor’s office provides many services to the residents of Clark County.  Please use the links below to navigate to our most frequently visited services.

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Interested in the valuation of your property or want to search information on any of the 60,000 properties in Clark Clark Ohio.  Use this service to get the information you need.

Learn about the Board of Revision procedure to learn how property valuation works and how the valuation can be updated via the process.  You can also call our office at 937-521-1878


Click here to purchase 2017 Dog Licenses online, Additional Information and Frequently Asked Questions or contact 937-521-1864 to discuss the dog license process.

Learn about the homestead exemption program for residents 65 years of age or turning 65 in the year in which they apply or permanently and totally disabled.

Under law, the County Auditor cannot and does not raise or lower property taxes. Tax rates are determined by the budgetary request of each governmental unit, as authorized by vote of the people, and are computed in strict accordance with procedures required by the State Department of Tax Equalization.

Access frequently requested form via Adobe Acrobat Reader in .pdf format.  View and print these forms at your convenience.

Latest News


The Clark County Auditor’s office earned a 2017 “Best Practices” award recently at the Annual Ohio OGRIP (Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program) Conference in Columbus, Ohio.  The award was presented for the Clark County/ City of Springfield GIS Consortium (CCSGISC) that features the Auditor’s GIS (Geographic Information System) Department’s expertise to help in decision making and improvement to Clark County and the City of Springfield.    This data also results in reduced response time of data requests,   better access to information and better data for decision making and planning for various other governmental entities.

“The City is excited about the partnership that has been created with the County Auditor and their GIS team”, says Bryan Heck, Springfield Deputy City Manager.  “We continue to look for ways to be more efficient and effective in the way services are delivered to our community.”

The mission of the CCSGISC is to assist, promote and develop a shared geographic information system resource for local decision makers and the general public.

The Auditor’s GIS staff, led by Deputy Auditor Shayne Gray, enables managers and citizens to make decisions impacting the future of the County in an informed and logical manner.

Some of the benefits of this work enable users to operate as an internal service program, providing clients with data as well as standard and customized maps and reports.

CCSGISC acts as a liaison between County and data partners that are external to the County in order to promote the County’s interests in their data.

Also, this consortium provides Clark County and Springfield City administrators, other County/City departments and planners with graphic and data analysis tools for decision making and presentations. The GIS model includes planimetric, parcel/cadastral, county/city utilities, parks and recreation, health district, emergency management, first responders, waste management data to mention a few of the county data sets provided.

“I am extremely proud of this valuable arrangement between our Auditor’s office and different governmental entities to offer great benefits to the Clark County taxpayer. This is what good government should strive to accomplish,” Auditor John S. Federer said.


October 11, 2017


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the County Auditor of Clark County, Ohio as required by Section 5721.03 and 4503.06 of the Revised Code of Ohio, that on the 18th day of October & the 25th day of October, 2017, the Delinquent Land Tax List & Manufactured/Mobile Home Tax List will be published in the Springfield News-Sun, a newspaper of general circulation in Clark County.


This list will contain the names of owners of all lands upon which the real estate taxes, assessments, recoupment charges, penalties and interest, or either, remain unpaid at the August 2017 tax settlement, and still remain unpaid.


An interest charge will accrue on accounts remaining unpaid after the last day of November 2017 unless the taxpayer enters a written Delinquent Contract to pay such taxes in installments.


Installment payments may be made in accordance with a written Delinquent Contract with the Clark County Treasurer.


Installment payments WILL NOT prevent the publication of the balance of unpaid taxes, assessments, recoupment charges, penalties and interest.




Payment of taxes, assessments, recoupment charges, interest and penalties, IN FULL, if made no later than 12:30 p.m. on the 13th day of October, 2017 will eliminate those land owners names from publication on October 18th, 2017 & October 25th, 2017.



County Auditor, Clark County, Ohio


Auditor John Federer continues with his promise of “fair and accurate” real estate values for each property owner in Clark County.


Auditor Federer is requesting a community-wide review asking each property owner to ensure their “Dwelling Card” information is correct.   The Auditor’s Office is in the process of mailing out instructions for completing the Dwelling Card Survey.  You may review and update your property’s information in one of the following ways:


Go to my website: Clarkcountyauditor.org. and complete the 5 minute Dwelling Card Survey then submit to us electronically……or


From the Auditor’s website above, you can download a printable PDF Dwelling Card Survey form, and mail it or drop it off at the Clark County Auditor’s Office, 31 N. Limestone Street, Springfield, OH 45501….or


Stop by the Auditor’s Office at 31 N. Limestone Street, for assistance in completing the Survey….or


Contact the Clark County Auditor’s office at 937-521-1878 and they will assist in completion of the form.



Once the Auditor’s Office receives this information, this information will be compared with what is currently in our records and updated accordingly.


“Everyone wants to have the highest degree of accuracy as it relates to how their property is valued.  You, the property owner, are the best source for the information to ensure that your property is “fairly and accurately” valued.  The data that supports your valuation is most important to ensure a quality outcome.  By taking a few minutes to complete this request your input will go a long way in achieving all goals.”


Auditor Federer thanks each of you for your help to complete the information requested.

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